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The World and The History in Move

The World and The History in Move

In the contemporary History of the Middle East and Europe the crime against Palestinian people is the most vicious, brutal and barbaric crimes against humanity that for past sixty years being carried out by the Zionist Regime of Israel. It is sixty years that people of world witness such crimes against humanity and keep silence because the most powerful Governments in the world the United States of America and Britain support, encourage and arm the Zionist Regime to carry out such barbaric crimes against humanity in order the Zionist Regime protect the interests of the Western Capitalist World in various forms and means. The Governments and the Nations that support the Zionist Regime of Israel in their crimes against humanity claim to be the Guardians of Human Rights and Democracy while at the same time they support such crimes against humanity.

Surely, every member of the World community must do something to put AN END to the crimes against the Palestinian people by the Zionist Regime of Israel that hijacked Judaism the Divine Religion of Allah in order hid behind the Jewish religion by claiming because they are Jews and been subjected to persecution then they have rights to carry out such crimes against the people of Palestine in order occupy the Land of Palestine.

The first time that I travelled to Britain was 34 years ago on 4th June 1974 that I arrived to Edinburgh in order study Electronic Engineering. I rent a room from a Pakistani family and live with them for some time. The family were very kind people as when I was returning from collage to the house I felt being at home with my own family. The Pakistani family often when I returned from collage offered me coup of tea and talk to me. The Pakistani family treated me so kindly that I felt am a member of their family and not a lodger. Such hospitality made me to feel being at home and never felt am in foreign land away from my country Iran and my family. In the house a couple lived just next room to me and one day they too came and talk to me.

The couple told me they are from Palestine and originally they are Jewish but converted to Islam after so many years witnessing how the Israeli Government treats the Palestinian Muslim and Christians. They told me they left Palestine although had very nice house and earn very good salaries by working for the Israel Government as Medical Doctors but could not tolerate the sheer of barbarities by such Government against the people of Palestine as they felt actually contributing to such crimes against humanity by working for the Israeli Government. The couple told me they came to Edinburgh for their holiday and it was here that they decided do not return to Israel and work for the Israeli Government. The couple told me, they prepare to lose all they belongings but not be in a country that the Government carry out such horrific crimes against innocent people by making them homeless, suppress them and continuously subject them to barbaric collective punishment as they told me about such crimes against Palestinian people in some details.

Until 1974 little I knew about the sheer of crimes against the Palestinian people and what is happening in that part of the world and who are responsible for such horrific crimes against humanity. It was during 1974 that that Jewish Couple who converted to Islam because they witnessed the sheer of crimes against the Palestinian people by the Zionist Regime they told me about Palestine and what is happening there.

I wonder how a group of people that enhance themselves to Jewish religion and claim to be the survivals of Holocaust by Nazi Germany against them could allow themselves to carry out such barbaric crimes against the Palestinian people for the past SIXTY YEARS. The worst crime is the fact that in past Sixty years the Governments and Nations that they claim to be the most Civilised Nations in the World, the Guardians of Human Rights and Democracy they actually assisted the Zionist Regime of Israel to carry out the most horrific crimes against the Palestinian People while the entire people of the world witness all these crimes against Humanity.

It is on these bases that I present the following article to the people of the Palestine and the people of the World and ask every member of the World’s community to do their little bit in order bring about the International Court of justice in order resolve the problem of the Palestine case and peacefully resolve this human tragedy of our time and put AN END to the long suffering of the people of Palestine.

To the Palestinian Nation

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters of Palestine

In past fifty-eight years since the creation of illegitimate State of Israel through various forgery of religious, historical and forged war crimes documents by means of conspiracies, collaborations, financial, economical, scientific, technological and military assists by the Western European States Britain, France, Germany and others in the Europe in addition to all helps and assistance for creation of the illegitimate State of Israel by the United States of American the illegitimate State of Israel has been created, supported and maintained.

These crimes against humanity are not based on the claimed issues about the holocaust and that the Jews have been prosecuted in the European Countries for many decades. Rather the crimes of creation of Israel based on evil doctrine of the colonial Powers the Britain and the USA for their long terms political and economical aims after the second European's War that put fire on other nations as well as the European nations. However, I do not aim to go through a full discussion about all aspects of the creation of the illegitimate State of Israel. In these respects I only refer to the European History Book under the name " Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 1789- 1939" by A. J. Grant, the Formerly professor of History in the University of Leeds and Harold Temperley the late professors of Modern History in the University of Cambridge. Dr Lillian M. Penson the professors of Modern History in the University of London have added supplement section to the book dealing with the year 1938-1939. The first Edition of Book have been printed in June 1927 by Longmans, Green and Co, London, New York and Toronto.

The last time that the book was printed was in January 1946 and September 1947. Therefore, this book have much credibility in respect to the claim made by the European Zaniest about the holocaust against them. There is no mention of the claimed crimes of holocaust against the European Jews in this Book. However, since the Book printed in Britain if such crimes with the extend claimed had happened in the European States including Germany during the Second European War surely such events would have been mentioned in this book because firstly it is printed in Britain the enemy of Germany and secondly it was printed rights after the War. On these bases the authors of the Book on bases that both are British historian they must have written about such crimes in order support their country involvement in the War.

Form the above book I refer to the pages 618 to page 700 (the end of the book) in which there is no mention whatsoever of prosecution of Jews as such claimed that proves one forgery document although if such claim was true would never legitimise that foreign Forces like Britain and the USA offer the land of people of Palestine to group of people from Europe to establish a country for themselves with aim to become permanent military and economical Base for the colonial powers of the West in order suppress the people of the Middle East continuously. This one reason is enough to note that the illegitimate State of Israel is cancerous cell for all nations in the Middle East in which the people of Palestine suffer the most in past fifty-eight years. On these bases it is the responsibility of the Muslim World to resolve the problem of Israel through appropriate means such that the entire Land of Palestine to be return to the people of Palestine. There will no solution except the return of the entire Land of Palestine to the Palestine people.

However, one solution it would be to put the Palestinian Case as the top Agenda of every discussions in the United Nations General Assembly by the Leaders of the World of Islam in whatever issues which is discussed in the United Nation. In these respects I propose to explain to the United Nations General Assembly, to the World Community and to the University Students all over the World that in respect to the crimes against the people of Palestine there will be no sustainable solution except total withdrawal of the World colonial occupying Forces in the Palestine that they formed an illegal Government of Israel in the occupied land of Palestine.

The International Zionist regime in order legitimise their occupation of the Land of Palestine they refer to number of issues that none of them have any historical, religious or legal credibility whatsoever. On these bases the best way to find justified solution for the Palestine case is to set up an International Tribunal in order deal with the Palestine case thoroughly by considering all the claims made by all sides of the Palestine Case. The only solution for the Palestine case is through an International Tribunal to reopen the Palestine case as I described in the following proposal legal method solution for the Palestine case.
I have E mailed my proposal legal method solution for the Palestinian Case to the Office of the Leader of Islamic Revolution Imam Khamenei and the Office the Iranian President Dr Mahmmod Ahmadinejad on 3rd September 2007.

However, I lodge again my proposal legal method solution for the Palestinian Case to your office and request from you to submit the proposal legal solution to the International Community at the United Nations General Assembly and the World community in Schools, collages, Universities and the public at large in every part of the world through well organised organisation in order clearly the people of the world come to know the truth about crimes against the people of Palestine and why the total withdrawal is the only solution for the Palestinian case.

The proposal legal solution for the Palestinian Case:

In respect to solution for the problems of the Palestine in order recover all the rights of the Palestinian Nation I propose a solution in parallel to the existing aims to solve the problem by Hammas Movement. My proposal based on legal issues and that to reopen the occupation case of Palestine in an International Court of justice or in every Islamic Country in order prove illegitimacy of State of Israel considering all aspects which claim by the illegitimate State of Israel. One such claim is the issue of holocaust that can be proven false and at the worst not to the scale claim by Israel and the European Western States. However, those who have caused the holocaust in whatever scale should pay the price and not the people of Palestine by losing their Home Land.

The Legitimacy of State of Israel should be taken away from them that it would become a bench mark for order issues that eventually it will be proven unlawful occupation of Palestine as parts of political plots against Islamic Nations and the Islam itself that back to the issues during 1095-1291. It is on these bases that set up an International Court of Justice or several Courts of Justice about the Issue of Palestine is extremely vital in order prove illegitimacy of the State of Israel. Once this issue accepted by the International community and the people of the world say in ten years time schedule then recovery of total land of Palestine would be much easier because psychologically the State of Israel will lose its legitimacy to exist from point of Law and then this will give total legitimacy to the people of Palestine to take other roots for many more decades and centuries until they achieve their goals because they would have legal mandates on their hands.

On these bases the Decisions made by the Court(s) on issue of the Palestine should base on Courts Orders as the followings;

The Chief Court Order should base on an Special Order to the people of Palestine to establish the Government of people of Palestine without delay. In these respects the Court should issue affiliated orders to the Chief Court Order to the United Nations, the International Organisations and the world's Governments in order they recognise and assist people of Palestine in process of establishment the Government of people of Palestine without delay.

The Court(s) should also issue special Court Orders to bring to justice those who were involved in government and forces of the State of Israel since establishment of the State of Israel for charges of crime against humanity through especial tribunals and Courts proceedings.
The other Court Orders should base on the following issues and Orders.

1- The Court Orders to the State of Israel government about time schedule to leave the Land of Palestine.

2- The Court Orders to all governments and the International Institutions and the Organisations like the United Nations to take away the membership of the State of Israel and cease all assets of the State of Israel.

3- The Court Orders that the weapons and military of the State of Israel should come under Custody and Supervision of the Court or the United Nations and the Security Council.

4-The Court Orders about the issues that the Nuclear Weapons of the State of Israel to come under Custody of the IAEA and Security Council for safe disposal at time schedule.

5- The Court Orders about the issues that assets of the State of Israel to come under custody of the Court or the Custody of the United Nations in order pay compensations to the Countries that have been subjected to any form of damages by the illegitimate the State of Israel since its illegitimate creation.

6- The Court Orders about the issues that All the infrastructure of the State of Israel should be leave
intact as the property of the Palestinian Nation and as part of Compensation to the Palestinian Nation.

7- The Court Orders about the issues that those States that assisted the creation of the State of Israel should contribute to pay compensations to people of Palestine, the Egypt, the Syria, the Jordan, the Lebanon and any other nations who have been subjected to damages since creation of the illegal State of Israel. in these respects the Organisation of the United Nations, the USA and Britain should pay chunk of the compensations to the above mentioned countries and the people of Palestine.

8- The Court Orders about the issues that transportation of those people should leave the Land of Palestine should be supported by the countries that those people came to the Palestine in order collaborate and conspire in process of occupation of the Land of Palestine since 1948 till the time of the court orders.

The above Court Orders should be the main court orders format. However, the other Court Orders should be requested by the Government of the People of Palestine at appropriate time schedule as the Court will decide.

I assure The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran his Holiness Imam Ali Khamenei and the President Dr Ahmmadei Nejad if such Court(s) set up about the Issue of Palestine and Court Orders as stated in above issued it will effect the world politics and the world Community opinion about the issue of Palestine, the suffering of the people of Palestine and the Middle East since creation of the illegitimate State of Israel. However, the issue of such Court Orders will give a great legitimacy to the struggle of the people of Palatine to recover their land from long term occupation.

I suggest that the World of Islam should set up several such courts about the issue of Palestine and issue court orders with the similar legal framework and context in order give much greater legitimacy to the Court Orders. I assure you all that in certain time schedule all the Governments of the world and other institutions will be force in the political situation to assist the people of Palestine to recover their land from decades of occupation by the Zionist.

The legal approach as I stated in this document about the legal aspects of the issue of the Palestine would take away the political game by the United State and Israel to refer to Islamic Liberation Army of Palestine and other similar Liberation Army as terrorist organisations. The same approach could be set up about other regional issues. The Western States they always play and have Played legitimacy games in order give legal Status to their unlawful and illegitimate crimes against humanity in past few centuries.

I request humbly and submissively from all who can set up such court(s) about the issue of Palestine to contribute and strive hard to set up court(s) as I requested and proposed in this document. "YeDoAllah Fogeh Edihom"

Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Election of Japan as representative of Asia is under influence of the United Nation in order Japan follow up the Policies of the United States of America similar to the UK and France in all affairs against many nations around the World. The Security Council is the centre of all World Problems because the Security Council in fact have been hijacked by the United States of America, the State of Israel and other colonial States like France, Britain and Russia. On these bases there should be radical reforms in the Structure of the United Nation in all respects. Surely, if the Security Council and the world community wishes to resolve the World’s problems in peaceful and justified manners there should be serious changes in the Structure and how the legal power of the Security Council to be use to solve the world's problems.

It was this Security Council that been abused by the United States of America, Britain, France and Israel in order carry out unlawful aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan that so far proven there were no weapons of mass destruction as claimed by the USA in order legalise their military attacked against Iraq.

However, the Regime of Saddam Hossein, the Regime of Taleban and Al Qaeda were supported by the USA (the CIA )and other states like the UK against Iran. The event of the 11 September 2001 so far is not clear in reality what State(s) or group(s) carried out the event. There are many evidences that proves the 11 September event carried out by some elements or Institutions like the CIA and the Pentagon in order subject all Nations under suspicious and the USA infoce their policy of new world Order.

The vote of all 158 countries that voted for Japan has been bought through political bribes and promises of Economical incentives in order they cast their votes for Japan. The United Nations Security Council Election prove that in our world there are only 32 nations and Governments have independent political views and speak their minds freely and they are not puppets of any other States. It is for these reasons that Japan is selected for the Security Council this year to have a seat in the Security Council.

The Veto Right hold by the Five Super Powers totally illustrates the sheer of violation of Human Rights and violation of the principles of Democracy in the World. How come the United Nations can claim to be the Guardian of Human Rights and Democracy while the Organisation itself being ruled by Five brutal Dictator States and yet they have the legal rights to do any crimes against Humanity as they wish. Surely, such States and Organisation are the factors for all crimes against humanity and violation of the most basic Human rights and dignity in this world in all respects.

The document that the USA refer to it as the Security contract between the USA and Iraq only can be considered as the document of surrender of entire legal rights of Iraqi people to United States of America. That means the Iraqi people relinquish all their rights as a free nation and their possession which is the entire territory of Iraq and their nation control on their Land (Iraq) to the American Forces for unlimited time that just God knows when that Time will finish. This Treaty is worse than the Treaty of surrender that signed by the Iraqi Military Generals with the British and American Forces after attack of Iraq against Kuwait.

It is the responsibilities of the Iraqi people and all Ayateh Ezam of Islam regardless of Sheiat or Sunni to issue Fetvas against this Treaty and make it HARAM GHATEEI that the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Government accept and sign such treaty with the United State of America and their Military Personnel in order the American Forces stay in Iraq under such Treaty.

This Treaty also subject the security of all States in the Middle East in grave danger and all Nations in the Middle East Must up rise against such Treaty because the security of all nations is subjected to severe danger if the American Forces under such Treaty stay in Iraq. I as Iranian and Sheiat request from all Ayateh EZam particularly AyeToAllah Sistani to Issue Fatva that acceptance an sign of such treaty by the Iraqi Government to be HARAM GHATEEI.

The Iraqi people and Government in order achieve their security can have treaty with the United Nation that under that Treaty the United Nation general assembly under particular Law arrange that forces of number of Islamic States and including group of American Forces ensure security of Iraq in order prevent rise of insurgence force operating in Iraq or from Iraq make any activities against any States or nations around the world. Surely, under such arrangement the world security will be achieve without the Iraqi people, their territory and the territory of other Nations in the Middle East be subjected to the colonial rules as it can be seen in the Present draft copy of the Treaty between Iraq and the United States of American which is worse than any form of occupation of one country by foreign forces.


In respect to the treaty with between Iran and THE PERSIAN GULF on security and economical ties, I would like to state that it would be to the best interests of all nations in the PERSIAN GULF that such treaty be sign between the Arab States of THE PERSIAN GULF and Iran as the most powerful Country and nation in the Region for number of reasons that I mention few of them in this opinion note;

That, the political and military tensions will disappear.
That, prosperity for all Nations around the Persian Gulf will increase as security issues resolve and foreign powers leave the area.

That, the Aran State can invest their assets in Iran and other Muslim countries that make their assets more secure while develop the Muslim Countries and create worldwide Islamic Government possible.

That, the Muslim Countries can create their own monetary regime and economy according to the principles of Islam.

That, such achievements would enhance more security for all Muslim States.
That, the Muslim States never will be divided on minor issues as such problems can be resolve by negotiation rather refer such issues to none Muslim Governments or Institutions although those legal Institutions might be regarded as International Institution.

That, the Arab States of the PERSIAN GULF do not need to build up Arm stock while they cannot use them , maintain them or renew them every so many years.

That, reduction of so many expenses will increase the monetary reserves of all Muslim States because they reduce investing on Arms and there will be no Conflict between the Muslim States all over the world that need military actions to solve them.

That, the Muslim States can develop ideas in order create one Modern Army that guarantee the security of all Muslim States in time of crisis with none Muslim States.There are many more issues that I might have time some other occasions to write about them at later date.